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Ten-Koh Updated: 22 Nov 2017   Responsible Operator Yoshihiro Tsuruda JA6XMK
Supporting Organisation Kyushu Institute of Technology  
Contact Person tsuruday@rokueisya.com.nospam  
Headline Details: Size is 500 mm (H) x 500 mm (W) x 500 mm (D) without deployable boom, and mass is 23 kg. A project with four missions. 1. Demonstrate the feasibility of data relay via the satellite from the amateur radio stations at rural places such as Alaska and South Pole, 2. Measurement of the various space radiation which came flying from the sun and the Galaxy, 3. Evaluation of the space environment tolerance of ultramodern industrial materials, and 4. We establish low power satellite communication technologies with a transmitter of 10-mW or less output power and WSJT protocol for a future deep space, amateur radio communication mission. Proposing to use 437MHz for all downlinks using CW, 1k2 AFSK, 9k6 BPSK and WSJT. Planning a launch in 2018 into a 613 km SSO from Japan, together with PROITERES, AO-stars and AUTcube2. More info at http://kit-okuyama-lab.com/en/ten-koh/ **Downlinks on 437.390 MHz and 437.510 MHz (WSJT) and an uplink on 435.280 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 14 Sep 2017   Freq coordination completed on 22 Nov 2017

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