IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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ONDOSAT-OWL-1, 2 Updated: 30 Apr 2024   Responsible Operator Amartuvshin Dagvasumberel KG5PGU
Supporting Organisation ONDO Space LLC  
Contact Person amartuvshin@ondosat.com.nospam  
Headline Details: ONDOSAT-OWL-1 is a 0.5U cubesat and will be the first satellite of collaboration project of ONDO Space LLC and Amateur community in Mongolia. ONDOSAT-OWL-1 is a part of the ONDOSAT-OWL CubeSat constellation of two satellites, along with ONDOSAT-OWL-1 and ONDOSAT-OWL-2. ONDOSAT-OWL CubeSats shall have the same design, shall be launched at the same time, and shall use the same radio frequency to communicate. Main mission provides a message store-and-forward capability to the amateur operators on amateur UHF band (4k8, GMSK). Amateur operators can utilize this facility to evaluate their uplink equipment by sending S&F messages to the satellite and validate a successful downlink of sent messages from the website displaying all the S&F messages upon a ground station pass. Besides this mission, The ONDOSAT-OWL CubeSats are to broadcast encrypted short messages through its beacon within the 435-438MHz frequency band. This mission offers the amateur radio community the chance to decode these messages using a publicly accessible key provided on the official ONDOSAT-OWL website. Accomplished individuals who successfully decrypt the messages will be recognized on the official website and will receive a special QSL card as a token of achievement from the ONDOSAT-OWL project. Second mission of ONDOSAT-OWL1, 2 will have Remote sensor mission based on low-power LoRa modulation for demonstration of remote data collection, in order to monitor enviromental hazards in remote areas of Mongolia. LoRa-based remote devices will operate in unlicensed 433MHz (for Mongolia) bands. The collected data will be published in ONDOSAT-OWL’s website as completely open information. ONDOSAT-OWL1 and ONDOSAT-OWL2 are additionally equipped with an imaging mission aimed at enhancing public outreach and awareness. These missions collectively aim to promote awareness of amateur radio communication among the general public all around the world. Proposing a UHF downlink with CW beacon and 4k8 GMSK and LoRa downlink. LoRa telemetry is formatted according to TinyGS requirements. https://github.com/G4lile0/tinyGS/wiki . Transmission format is LoRa with BW = 7.8 kHz, Spreading Factor = 12, Coding Rate = 8, Preamble Length = 8. In the event of a change of LoRa parameters, details will be published on the ONDOSAT-OWL’s website here: https://amatuer.ondospace.com. ONDOSAT-OWL-1, 2 shall be launched with SpaceX’s SpaceX’s Transporter-10 in Q1 2024 into a 550km SSO More info from http://amateur.ondospace.com/ **In the absence of an amateur radio mission coordination has been declined**
Application Date: 29 Nov 2023   Freq coordination completed on

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