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Horizons Updated: 10 Sep 2023   Responsible Operator Danila Kadochnikov R8JAH
Supporting Organisation Baltic State Technical University “VOENMEH”  
Contact Person I49116@voenmeh.ru,nospam  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat mission. Will employ a deployable solar panel 2.Electronic components testing unit 3.Flywheel satellite attitude control unit 4.S-band communications unit with Earth remote sensing functionality Radio amateurs across the world will be able to receive images from onboard cameras and telemetry data. Images will be transmitted on UHF link using GEOSCAN framing. Images can be decoded using commonly available tools. Transmission of images will also take place on S and X bands. For S-band transmission LoRa modulation will be used. X-band downlink will be using DVB-S2. Decoders will be published online, per downlink activation. Proposing downlinks on UHF GFSK 9600 bps S-band downlink LoRa 64 kbps and X-band downlink DVB-S2.Planning a launch into a 550 km SSO from Vostochniy in 2024. More info at https://www.voenmeh.ru/
Application Date: 09 Sep 2023   Freq coordination completed on

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