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239-PTS/RS61S Updated: 07 Mar 2024   Responsible Operator Kirill Starikov R1NAV
Supporting Organisation Saint Petersburg Lyceum 239  
Contact Person kirstarky13@gmail.com.no spam  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat mission. Main missions of this satellite are Amateur and Educational connected with school children. Other mission is Space Research. All data from the scientific payload will be open to amateurs and children from school will be researching collected data from the payload. Amateur Mission (CW, Voice, SSTV, SSDV, Digipeater, Education in radio for school kids) Educational (working with collecting data, satellite telecommunication, satellite monitoring) Scientific (Scintillator detector for detection of gamma-ray bursts and similar high-energy counterparts of violent astrophysical events at the edges of Universe). Proposing a UHF downlink using 2k4/4k8/9k6/19k2 9k6 GFSK and DVB-S2 on X Band. Planning a launch into a 550 km SSO from Vostochniy in 2024. ** More info ahs been requested from the group** More info at https://geoscan.space/en
Application Date: 07 Sep 2023   Freq coordination completed on

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