IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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SNIPE Updated: 27 Aug 2023   Responsible Operator Jae Heung Park not provided
Supporting Organisation Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute  
Contact Person pj@kasi.re.kr.nospam  
Headline Details: A 6U mission. SNIPE - Scale MagNetospheric and Ionospheric Plasma Experiment is focusing on scientific mission which includes small-scale plasma structure change in time and space. The SNIPE mission can advance the amateur satellite service because the amateur operators can get the detailed information of the SNIPE status through decoding the telemetry data. In turn, the information given by the operators will enhance the SNIPE mission performance by providing the SNIPE status outside its main ground station’s coverage. Proposing four UHF downlinks using 9k6 GMSK and a single S Band one.using 1 Mb QPSK. Launched in May 2023 into a 540 km polar orbit. More info at http://kswrc.kasi.re.kr/snipe/main.php
Application Date: 22 Aug 2023   Freq coordination completed on

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