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Alderbaran-1 Updated: 01 Aug 2023   Responsible Operator Jose de Ribamar Pinheiro Junior PU8OBJ
Supporting Organisation Fundacao Unviversidade Federal do Maranhao  
Contact Person jbp.junior@ufma.br.nospam  
Headline Details: A 1U Cubesat, Aldebaran-I is a satellite developed by students and professors from the Federal University of Maranhao with the objective of providing students access to the processes associated with satellite development according to imposed requirements and limitations. Additionally, the students will operate and monitor the satellite activities during the mission period. To achieve this, training will be provided to undergraduate and graduate students from UFMA on the concepts of amateur radio and the operations of the ground station installed at the university. Thus, all operators of the stations in communication with the satellite will be licensed amateur radio operators, strengthening the importance of the amateur radio community and university groups involved in the development of amateur radio satellites. The Amateur Radio Service will be used for communications. All mission communications will be carried out by duly licensed Amateur Radio stations and all communications will be in alignment with the regulations governing the Amateur Radio Service. The satellite will feature a LoRa transmitter, allowing amateur radio operators and students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the technology. The satellite will have an implemented store-and-forward digipeater experiment that will receive and transmit test messages from amateur radio operators on the ground or on board. This concept is applied as a concept for emergency disaster communication and satellite. More info at www.aldebaran.labesee.ufma.br Proposing a VHF beacon using 1k2 GFSK and UHF LoRa downlinks. Planning a SpaceX launch in November 2023 into a 500 km polar orbit. **More information has been requested from the group**
Application Date: 16 Jun 2023   Freq coordination completed on

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