IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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Hades-D Updated: 09 Aug 2023   Responsible Operator Jose Elias Diaz EB1AO
Supporting Organisation AMSAT-EA  
Contact Person eb1ao at amsat-ea dot org  
Headline Details: A 1.5Pocketqube platform.The project has been possible with engineering and financial support of the private sector along with Universities in Spain. HADES-D will offer licensed radio-amateur around the world the opportunity to relay FM voice and AX.25 / APRS 300 / 1200 bps communications. The satellite will also transmit telemetry with its status and voice and CW messages. This all will be achieved by implementing a SDR based FM and FSK repeater. The FM / FSK repeater is available all the time and opened by squelch level without the need of a subtone. Proposing a V/U FM transponder with also FSK data, AX 25 APRS and CW capability. Launch is expected for October 2023 in SpaceX Transporter-9 mission managed by the space broker Alba Orbital / D-Orbit into a 550/600 km orbit TBC **Coordination has been provided for a downlink on 436.666 MHz and an uplink on 145.875 MHz**
Application Date: 08 May 2023   Freq coordination completed on 09 Aug 2023

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