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RSP-03 Updated: 15 May 2023   Responsible Operator Kento Kimura JJ1LGK
Supporting Organisation Rymansat Project  
Contact Person kkent225@gmail.com.nospam  
Headline Details: A 1U CubeSat mission. The main mission is to capture the star data by camera, convert it to audible data and deliver the data to the ground. (1) Acquiring data of stars and constellations captured by the onboard camera. (2) Composing sounds from the acquired data by the on-board AI. (3) Using Digi-talker to downlink analog sounds on FM signal to the ground for amateur radio stations. (4) Delivering the composed digital data to the ground station and amateur radio stations. The sub-missions are as given below. (1) Getting the sound element (such as call signs) from uplink by amateur radio stations. (2) SSTV transmitting the QSL-card stored on the satellite before launch. RSP-03 operates Digi-talker for amateur radio stations with relatively simple configuration. The contents include satellite name, call sign and the sound of stars composed by the on- board AI. RSP-03 also provides various types of packet data transmission on the 435MHz band for the ground station and amateur operators around the globe. Those include 1200 BPS (AFSK on FM), 9600 BPS (GMSK), 24000 BPS (4FSK, OQPSK). The operation modes and parameters (Bandwidth, data rate) are published on RSP-03 website. RSP-03 has main transceiver and standby one. The operation schedule and amateur station call signs received by RSP-03 are published on the RSP-03 website. In addition, RSP-03 project issues QSL cards for communication if the amateur radio operators request the QSL cards. The above missions will promote the amateur satellite service as more people can be interested in amateur satellite communications. Proposing a UHF downlink with a variety of modulations. Planning a June 2024 launch to the ISS for deployment. **Downlink coordination on 437.050 MHz has been agreed**
Application Date: 27 Jan 2023   Freq coordination completed on 13 May 2023

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