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PW-Sat3 Updated: 09 Mar 2023   Responsible Operator Mateusz Sochacki HF5OBL
Supporting Organisation Warsaw University of Technology  
Contact Person mateusz.sochacki@pw.edu.pl  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat mission.1. Buthane warm gas propulsion (primary experiment): Students from the PW-Sat3 team are designing, testing and qualifying buthane warm gas propulsion. Device will be used to perform station-keeping maneuvers and in the end of the mission, deorbiting maneuver. 2. AOCS system (primary experiment): Another team of students is working on the custom AOCS system that will be used during propulsion maneuvers to align the satellite in the optimal orientation. 3. EHS sensors: As the secondary experiment, students want to test Earth Horizon Sensors made from industrial IR matrixes 4. Camera module: Similarly to the PW-Sat2 mission, the team wants to capture some breathtaking views from space to share it with everybody following the project and development of space exploration. We want to implement a simple open transponder onboard the satellite so that radio amateurs could broadcast custom radio packets. We are also investigating the possibility to allow radio amateurs to download on-demand low-resolution images from the camera module. Both functionalities would be enabled periodically due to energy budget constraints. Furthermore, similar to PW-Sat2, after completing LEOP and warm-gas thruster tests, we plan to broadcast various commemorative beacons. At those times we would notify the ham radio society via our social media and public forums like SatNOGS. Last but not least, all telemetry frame formats will be thoroughly described and made publicly available on the project website, as well as decoders and the accompanying software application. Proposing a UHF downlink using 2GFSK at 9k6 or 19k2. No launch ahs been defined but planning deployment into a SSO 550km orbit. More info from https://pw-sat.pl ** A downlink on 437.170 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 12 Dec 2022   Freq coordination completed on 09 Mar 2023

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