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SBUDNIC Updated: 15 Feb 2022   Responsible Operator Rick Fleeter K8VK
Supporting Organisation Brown University - USA & La Sapienza - Italy  
Contact Person rick_fleeter@brown.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat mission. Our mission is to construct and launch a small satellite for amateur radio experimentation in satellite communications and control. Using low cost and widely available parts and very simple low bandwidth communications architecture, the spacecraft telemetry and downlinked photos can be easily received by any amateur or short wave listener with a minimum of cost and technical expertise. Hams can experiment with uplinking commands to the satellite to take a picture with one of the on-board cameras, immediately or with some time delay, and then to specify when (and thus where) that image will be downlinked. The spacecraft itself is built using all commercially available amateur equipment at a cost and complexity compatible with club activities at a community level. The satellite can be built by a team with very limited prior experience in the satellite design or construction. The satellite will have an on-board camera and be able to receive a picture request from any capable ground station. This request can be to immediately take a picture and downlink it or to take a picture and transmit it at regular intervals or after a certain delay. The frequency of telemetry and image transmissions will be dependent on the power considerations of the satellite. This project is being used as an opportunity to teach ourselves and others about satellite design and construction with the aim of bringing the ability to build and operate a satellite within reach of individual community level amateur radio club organizations. Our design and construction process will be public information, so as to serve as a model for future low budget amateur satellite projects. We are using an Arduino processor and Arduino shield for communication, which will help to improve accessibility of the project to amateur ground stations, if they want to participate in the project. Planning a UHF downlink using 4k8 baud AFSK with Ax25. Planning a D-Orbit/SpaceX launch and deployment from Vandenberg in Q1 2022 into a 500-600km SSO **Frequency Coordination has been declined**
Application Date: 09 Sep 2021   Freq coordination completed on 15 Feb 2022

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