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BeliefSat-1 Updated: 12 Dec 2023   Responsible Operator Umesh Shinde VU2CWN/VU3CDI
Supporting Organisation Club for Radio Operations and Wireless Networks (CROWN)  
Contact Person ushinde@somaiya.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: A pocketqube mission with an ARISS style APRS digipeater, a U/V FM voice repeater and technology demonstration of Arduino based FM-AFSK-AX.25 communication subsystem. The proposed mission intends to mark 100 years of Amateur radio India and thus tries to fill the niche created after decommissioning of HAMSAT. The Mission will have a digipeater and FM voice repeater which can be used by amateur radio operators around the world depending upon the mode in which the satellite is. This will be the first pocketqube standard OSCAR and thus will push the size limit of OSCARS even lower, thus indicative of advancement in technology. The design will be open-sourced after the launch enabling further advancements and modifications by the community for future missions. Proposing to use 145.825 MHz for downlinks and 435.825 MHz for voice repeater uplink. Planning a launch in May 2021 from Sriharikota into a 600km circular orbit. More info from https://github.com/NewLeapKjsieit/BeliefSat - https://github.com/NewLeapKjsieit/BeliefSat#how-does-i t-communicate and https://kjsieit.somaiya.edu.in/en.
Application Date: 16 Apr 2021   Freq coordination completed on

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