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Unicorn (D) Updated: 23 Nov 2020   Responsible Operator Paul Kocyla DL1UAC
Supporting Organisation TRSI (non-profit computer club)  
Contact Person info@pk-remote.com.nospam  
Headline Details: The aim of the Unicorn(D) PocketQube mission is to allow amateur radio enthusiasts around the world to listen to the satellite beacon, uplink commands and downlink data from the satellite. To assist users of the satellite, an open-source GUI will be made available. The GUI will have the satellite commands and protocols built-in, as well as facilitating decoding of telemetry and beacons received from the satellite. The GUI will be made available in addition to documentation containing protocols, uplink commands and telemetry formats available at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_bS BFYZBELVPY-Amv-5t-USIFtPgBZz_ ibQAkRYi0U/edit?usp=sharing As the mission is purely amateur in nature, the satellite will have only a UHF radio payload to facilitate HAM communication. The project was made possible due to the involvement of a number of HAMs including: C. Constantinides (MM6XOM), Paul Kocyla (DL1UAC). Proposing a UHF downlink usimg 9k6 GFSK. Planning a launch from Baikanour or Vostochny in Q2/2 2020 into a 500-600km sun synchronous orbit. Expecting SMOG-1 (https://gnd.bme.hu:8080/) and ARDUIQUBE (https://diysatellite.com/arduiqube.html ) to be on the same launch. More info at www.pk-remote.com **Coordination has been declined for this commercial mission**
Application Date: 28 Feb 2020   Freq coordination completed on

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