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IGOSat Updated: 27 May 2019   Responsible Operator Marco Agnan F4HPI
Supporting Organisation Paris Diderot University  
Contact Person agnan@apc.in2p3.fr.nospam  
Headline Details: IGOSat (Ionospheric & Gamma-ray Observations SATellite) is the first 3U CubeSat project of the Paris Diderot University, and has 2 payloads in a quasi-polar orbit at 650km altitude: •A dual-frequency GPS receiver to study the Total Electronic Content (TEC) of the Ionosphere by GPS occultation, measuring the phase shift of L1 and L2 signals. •A scintillator and SiPM (silicon photomultiplier) for detecting gamma rays and electrons above the poles and the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), using the example of XGRE / TARANIS (currently developed at the APC) . With the support of CNES in the JANUS program (French educational satellite project), the APC (AstroParticle & Cosmology Laboratory) and the IPGP (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris), IGOSat has already trained more than 200 students from Ile de France and elsewhere. Proposing a 9k6 GMSK UHF downlink. No launch has been defined. For more information http://igosat.in2p3.fr/en/the-igosat-project/ ** A downlink on 435.525 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 10 Dec 2018   Freq coordination completed on 27 May 2019

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