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NepaliSat-1 Updated: 20 Aug 2018   Responsible Operator Yuta Kakimoto JG6YBW
Supporting Organisation Kyushu Institute of Technology  
Contact Person o111013y@mail.kyutech.jp.nospam  
Headline Details: NepaliSat-1 is a 1U cubeSat and will be the first satellite of Nepal and is a part of the BIRDS-3 CubeSat constellation of three satellites, along with Raavana-1 from Sri Lanka and Uguisu from Japan. All of these CubeSats shall have the same design, shall be launched at the same time and shall use the same radio frequency to communicate. The main mission of the constellation is to provide ciphered short messages in its beacon in the 437MHz band; giving the opportunity for amateur radio community to decipher the messages through the publicly available key that will be provided in the BIRDS-3 official website. Successful individuals who are able to decipher the message will be enlisted in the official website and will also be given a special QSL CARD from the BIRDS-3. Besides this mission, BIRDS-3 will have remote Data Collection Mission based on low powered LoRa modulation for demonstration of remote data collection and processing onboard CubeSat, for an example, to monitor water level in flood prone areas. LoRa remote station will operate in unlicensed 433MHz (for Sri Lanka and Nepal) and 920MHz (for Japan) bands. The collected data will be published in BIRDS-3 website as completely open information. Amateur radio individuals who contributed to receiving the processed data will be given a special QSL CARD (different from the decipher mission) showing the nature of data collected. BIRDS-3 will also have imaging mission for public outreach and awareness, Earth Magnetic Field measurement, Glue Mission: to find COTS alternative to expensive space glue and Active Attitude Stabilization as precursor to active pointing control for future CubeSat missions. All the above missions are envisioned to promote awareness of amateur radio communication and amateur satellites among the general public and students all around the world. Proposing a CW beacon and 9k6 GMSK telemetry downlink on UHF. Planning a launch during 2019 from Tanegashima Space Center. More info at http://birds3.birds-project.com/document/amateur/ ** A downlink on 435.375 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 11 May 0018   Freq coordination completed on 20 Aug 2018

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