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TIANZHI-01 Updated: 09 Apr 2018   Responsible Operator Zhong Fangjie BI1CYL
Supporting Organisation Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences  
Contact Person fangjie@iscas.ac.cn.nospam  
Headline Details: TIANZHI-01 satellite has a volume of about 60x25x30 cm3 and a mass of about 35 kg and is 3-axis stabilized. It is a NGSO satellite, made by ISCAS main for amateur services. The satellite carries an amateur radio station onboard and has functions as follows, ● an amateur GMSK payload uding 9k6 on 435-438MHz band with uplink for command to control the camera on satellite and downlink for receive and download the pictures data from the payload onboard; ● a digital camera, image downloadable for all radio amateurs on 435-438MHz band; ● TT&C uplink / downlink on 435-438 MHz band; ● Offer the opportunity of app experiments onboard for education. And the TIANZHI-01 also has some non-amateur mission(science mission ) as follows: ● The non-amateur payloads like the data transmitter and the responder will use the frequencies of Space Research Service and Space Operation Service in S band. The uplink is 2025~2110MHz, and the downlink is 2200~2290MHz. Planning a circular 500km 97.4 degree inclination orbit with a launch from Jiuquan in August 2018 ** A Downlink on 437.400 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 27 Feb 2018   Freq coordination completed on 09 Apr 2018

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