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ITF-2 Updated: 15 Feb 2016   Responsible Operator Toshiro KAMEDA JJ3GRX
Supporting Organisation University of Tsukuba  
Contact Person jj3grx@gmail.com.nospam  
Headline Details: A 1U CubeSat with a number of Missions: Mission1 Establish human network by amateur satellite (1)The space station transmits its telemetry data and call sign on 430~438MHz band by morse code and frequency modulated morse code. (2)Taking advantage of frequency modulated radio wave on 70cm band, those who want to detect the signal from satellite can use a simple handheld FM transceiver with 3 elements yagi. Also this satellite can transmit FM modulated analog voice for receiving information without morse skill. (3)This recieving experience can be shared on our internet website like SNS and our “Yui” network will spread. (4)We invite variable message at public demonstration or school visit and this message is uplinked by us and transmitted by the satellite from space to all over the world. (5)ITF-2 can also transmit SSTV image data with satellite callsign. This function will motivate wider range of people to receive our satellite. Mission2 Prove the ability of the micro engineered 1/20 wavelength small antenna (1)Through the specially designed small antenna (1/20 wave length), space station receives ground station command. (2)After complete reception, space station sends acknowledgement signal. Mission3 Prove the stable operation of FRAM based microcontroller and other microcontroller in space environment (1)Detect single event upset by itself , and each microcontroller takes the temperature of surface of satellite. (2)Ground station regularly checks the conditions, and if problem is found, it sends the reset command to the space station microcontroller. Requesting a UHF downlink frequency and planning a deployment from the ISS in late 2016 together with Wasedasat-3 and Stars-C. ** A revised downlink on 437.525MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 31 Mar 2015   Freq coordination completed on 02 Jun 2015

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