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KPI-SAU-1 Updated: 23 Jan 2017   Responsible Operator Mykola Pershyn UX5UF
Supporting Organisation QB50 & National Technical University of Ukraine, Kiev Polytechnic Institute  
Contact Person pershin@ukr.net.nospam  
Headline Details: KPI-SAU-1 is a 2U project driven by Kiev National University “KPI” in cooperation with Ukrainian HAM radio community. Mission is to launch Ukrainian educational satellite build by KPI students and space exploration enthusiasts. Specific mission targets are: • Develop, build, test, launch and operate a Ukrainian small satellite platform based on CubeSat standard. • Conduct mission experiments with following payloads: o Sun sensor o Attitude position and orientation system including system software o Test on-board GLONASS/GPS navigation subsystem • Build ground segment infrastructure for satellite communication • Develop and test onboard and ground telecommunication software, implement telecommunication protocols • Establish cooperation between educational institute, space agency(s) and various government authorities, HAM radio community etc. Proposing to use a 2k4 AX25 AFSK downlink with a CW beacon. ** A Downlink on 436.600MHz has been coordinated** ** Now coordinated with a revised downlink scheme - now using 9k6 BPSK**
Application Date: 04 Nov 2013   Freq coordination completed on 10 Jun 2015

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