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SPEI-SATELLES Updated: 08 Jun 2023   Responsible Operator Marco Mascarello IW1DGG
Supporting Organisation POLITECNICO DI TORINO  
Contact Person aribra@aribra.it.nospam  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat. SPEI-SATELLES is cubesat with communication purposes. It will send ASCII code corresponding to phrases in English, Spanish and Italian language. The phrases are no more than 3000 characters, 1000 for each language. The communication happens every at least 3 minutes. Commands can be sent to manage the onboard operation from ground. The mission allows to learn students about space communication and the amateur links helps to introduce and improve the capability of students towards the radiocommunications. Satellite represents an additional space point of contact for the radio amateur community. The contents of the packets in downlink use radio amateur protocol and no major limitations to the interpretation are present. Radio amateur community is fundamental to dramatically increase the number of packets and telemetry and data in order to have the ASCII string and the mission data used by students and researcher. Proposing a UHF downlink using AX25 9k6 GMSK. Planning a Space X launch from Vandenberg into a 525 km 97.8 degree orbit on 10th June 2023 **Details updated** ** In the absence of an amateur mission this request has been declined**
Application Date: 28 Feb 2023   Freq coordination completed on

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