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Sharjahsat-1 Updated: 25 Mar 2021   Responsible Operator Tarifa Al Kaabi A67DK
Supporting Organisation Sharjah Academy for Astronomy, Space Sciences, and Technology  
Contact Person talkaabi@sharjah.ac.ae.nospam  
Headline Details: An original coordination request was declined due to a lack of amateur radio mission and involvement. An updated request was received on 24th Feb 2021. A 3U CubeSat, 3950 grams. The satellite has multiple missions, educational and amateur ones. • The aim is for the satellite to introduce the students of Sharjah to the “new-space” frontier - with a hands-on practice. • This satellite was designed and constructed by students. About 56 students were trained during the course of development. • Students have also worked for the design and establishment of the Amateur Band Ground Station in SAASST. Some of the engineers have obtained their Amateur Radio Licenses during the course of the Project: • Ibrahim Alsabt: A67DM, Mohamed BinAshour: A67DR, Tarifa Alkaabi: A67DK • All of the names mentioned above are also members of the Emirates Amateurs Radio Society (EARS). • Sharjah-Sat-1 will collect X-Ray detector data of sun for space weather research/education. • Sharjah-Sat-1 will take low/high-resolution photos and will broadcast the low-res photos over the amateur radio at UHF band while high res photo over amateur radio at S band. • Sharjah-Sat-1 will broadcast a signal over amateur Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination Request v40 Page 8 radio with its position in orbit and data from its sensors (temperature, subsystems health status and sensor readings such as gyro, gps) Proposing UHF and S Band downlinks using GMSK from 1k2 bps to 9k6 bps. Sharjah-Sat-1 and associated ground support systems will provide opportunities for • an experimental two-way link for amateur operators to exchange short messages through a ‘ping-pong’ arrangement of data exchange - A project website will inform users in advance as to what days this ‘public’ mode of operation is open – anticipated almost daily/weekly throughout the mission. • The HAMs will be able to uplink short compressed digital voice packets on VHF to be played back. • The mission operations include several students who are active HAMs. • There will also be recruiting and outreach on campus to encourage more students to obtain amateur radio licenses during the 2020-2021 academic year as part of the project. • The broader amateur radio community is involved in the mission via the project website (Mr. Yousef Rafee the Emirates Amateur Radio Society General Secretary) Setting up Sharjah-Sat-1 portal for public data access to acquired XRD data for space weather, star observations and images from the CubeSat • Support of a guided visit/tour to our mission control center by radio amateurs. • Participation in other relevant STEM activities as they arise proposing a 9k6 and 256 kbps GMSK downlink. • Planning a launch into a 500 km SSO, in Q4 2021. More info is available at https://www.saasst.ae/index.php/projects/sharjah-sat-1-project ** Downlinks on 437.325 MHz and 2405 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 30 Apr 2020   Freq coordination completed on

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