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Aistechsat-2 Updated: 09 Apr 2020   Responsible Operator Aliex De Toro Diaz EA3IAR
Supporting Organisation Aistech Space  
Contact Person aleix.detoro@aistechspace.com.nospace  
Headline Details: Aistechsat-2 is a technological and educational mission funded by Aistech Space S.L.. The main goals of the mission are: • Test the operation of an ADS-B receptor in Y-spin mode. • To provide bidirectional communication services between ground terminals • Involve and train students with real-world satellite data. • Contribute to disseminate the possibilities of space-based technologies and sharing experience and information with Universities and Radioamateurs Union (the cooperation has been already established with the Spanish Radioamateur Union). The service will initially address Spanish amateurs; when the satellite passes over Aistech’s ground stations in Spain, amateurs will be able to receive satellite mission data (including ADS-B data and telemetry) using a 9k6 GMSK UHF modem. Ongoing plans with UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) include the use of this data and Aistech Space’s infrastructure to enhance the academic program of the degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Progressively, similar schemes of amateur usage of the info – especially in universities – will be extended to other parts of the world, as a beacon is sent once a minute containing life signals from the satellite using the Space Packets and ECSS PUS standard, as published in the AMSAT-EA webpage. Aistechsat-2 is a nanosatellite mission by Aistech Space S.L and developed in conjunction with partners in University of Vigo (Spain) and CINAE (Galician Centre of Aero spatial Innovation). This mission consists of two sibling satellites launched with different providers: the first one was launched with a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on 3rd of December 2018, as part of the SSO-A mission; the other one will be launched from India in a PSLV rocket in a date TBC, but expected to be mid-March 2019. This mission can be thought of as an educational and amateur-experience mission for the Aistech Space crew, universities, and the amateur community. Aboard the satellites Aistechsat-2 carries two payloads: an ADS-B receiver and a communications payload. The communications payload tests some developments based on a previous experience of University of Vigo and CINAE (Xatcobeo, Humsat-D, Serpens). Both satellites conform to the 2U cubesat standard, making them especially suitable for educational purposes, since their design and manufacturing can be replicated inside universities. The educational aspect of the project is highlighted by two aspects: firstly, the open nature of the downlink data (which has been published in the AMSAT-EA webpage following conversations with the Spanish Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation), which allows any person to receive signals and process them, getting valuable information in the beacons that are periodically sent around the world, and the downlink data transmitted in the vicinity of the ground stations; and secondly, in the on-going collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), as well as our preliminary contacts with the University of Santiago de Chile, UPAEP in Mexico, and others, with the aim of sharing telemetry data, as well as to develop curricular materials designed to enhance the curriculum in those degrees closely related with space activities: telecommunications and Aerospatiale engineering. The first satellite is already in orbit. It operates a 1k2/9k6 GFSK downlink on UHF More info at www.aistechspace.com ** Coordination has been declined as the mission does not meet the definition of the amateur and amateur satellite service as set out in articles 1.56 and 1.57 of the ITU radio regulations.**
Application Date: 20 Feb 2019   Freq coordination completed on

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