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Guatesat-1 Updated: 09 Apr 2019   Responsible Operator José Bagur TG8JAB
Supporting Organisation Universidad del Valle de Guatemala  
Contact Person jabagur@uvg.edu.gt.nospam  
Headline Details: UVG’s 1U CubeSat mission is to evaluate and integrate the different systems that make up a CubeSat to develop in Guatemala the skills required for the operation of satellites, while remote sensing elements are validated, e.g. for monitoring cyanobacteria in Lake Atitlan, in future satellites. A monochromatic camera, alongside a rotating mechanism that holds and changes between four optical filters, will be used to test the remote sensing capabilities of the satellite. After deployment, to meet minimum success criteria objectives, the satellite will have to stabilize itself using its passive ADCS, deploy its COTS antenna using the in-house deployment mechanism, collect power through eleven solar cells and charge its two lithium-ion batteries, send health data using the COTS communications module, and receive and process data packages from ground using the COTS OBC. Significant success criteria objectives include capturing images at one wavelength using the COTS monochromatic sensor and one optical filter, sending images back to ground, and changing the position of the carousel that holds the optical filters. Proposing to use a UHF downlink with speeds up to 115k2 GFSK. Planning an eventual deployment after a JAXA upmass to the ISS during Q1 of 2019
Application Date: 12 Jun 2018   Freq coordination completed on

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