Over the Years Jan King has written many useful spreadsheet calculators, and the latest collection is listed below. You are free to use them for non commercial projects.


Link Model spread sheet:
Basic Analog Transponder Spread sheet:
Transponder Satellite System Link_Adaptive.xlsx notes
Orbit Modification Calculator:
Orbit Modification Calculator_Rev1.2.6.xls New for Jan 2013!
Antenna Impedance Calculator:
Antenna Impedance Calculator.xlsx New for Jan 2013!
PFD Calculator:
PFD Calculator.xlsx New for Jan 2013!
AMSAT-IARU Basic Analog Transponder Link Budget Rev1.6:
AMSAT-IARU_Basic Analog Transponder Link_Budget_Rev1.6.xlsx New for Jan 2013!
Mars Micro SpaceCraft Link Budget:
Mars_MS_Links.xls New for Jan 2013!
Small Satellite Mass Budget:
Small Satellite Mass_Budget_Rev1.2.xls New for Jan 2013!
Small Spacecraft Power Budget:
Small_Spacecraft_Power_Budget-Rev3.1.xls New for Jan 2013!



Enjoy and 73s from AMSAT-UK