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Sapling-1 Updated: 04 Apr 2022   Responsible Operator Flynn Dreilinger KN6HCC
Supporting Organisation no info provided  
Contact Person flynnd@stanford.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: A 1U CubeSat mission. The overall goal of the Sapling mission is to prove critical subsystems of the Sapling CubeSat Bus. The Sapling project is entirely open source and developed by members of the Stanford Student Space Initiative, a primarily undergraduate volunteer student engineering organization at Stanford University. Secondary mission goals are demonstrating autonomous cloud filtering and smart downlinking of images, and proving that the inexpensive COTS Google Coral Edge computing platform is more efficient at image processing and makes up for use of silicon cells that are less efficient than much higher priced GaAS cells. The Sapling-1 mission will continue to prove out the use of LoRa for spacecraft telemetry and command. In addition, it will attempt a demonstration that the Microhard-P2400 modem, a cheap COTS component, is capable of a large enough data rate to downlink quality imagery. Amateur operators and satellite aficionados may use this information to build their own CubeSats, or because the Sapling project is open source they may use or modify the Sapling design. If Sapling-1 obtains imagery, it will be published with an open source license, which amateur operator’s may use as they see fit. In addition, seeing telemetry returned from an object designed and built by students will inspire other students around the world about the radio and satellite possibilities of their own imagination. Proposing Lora downlink on UHF with data rates between 250bps and 1k bps and a FHSS on S-Band with data rates between 19k2 and 345 Kbps. Transmission format is LoRa with BW = 125 kHz, Spreading Factor = 12, Coding Rate = 8, Preamble Length = 8. In the event of a chance of LoRa parameters, details will be published on the SSI github here: https://github.com/stanford-ssi/sapling. Telemetry is formatted according to TinyGS requirements. https://github.com/G4lile0/tinyGS/wiki Planning a Firefly launch from Vandenberg into a 300 km orbit at 137 inclination in Dec 2021. **This request has been superseded by the Pleiades mission request**
Application Date: 25 Sep 2021   Freq coordination completed on

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