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InspireSat-1 Updated: 11 Sep 2023   Responsible Operator Raveendranath Pullanhi VU2RVJ
Supporting Organisation Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology  
Contact Person raveendranath@iist.ac.in.nospam  
Headline Details: INSPIRESAT-1 is an educational satellite dedicated to measuring the structure and variability of ionospheric plasma and plasma irregularities. The payload is the Compact Ionospheric Probe (CIP), an all in one plasma sensor, as well as a UHF transceiver operating at a fixed frequency of 437.5 MHz that is used for telemetry, beaconing and telecommand. More info at https://www.iist.ac.in 5.4 List and describe the project mission(s): INSPIRESAT-1 will routinely beacon housekeeping and telemetry data, while the science payload data from CIP will be downlinked over the ground station in IIST, India. As a university CubeSat mission, INSPIRESAT-1 involves extensive student participation in design, testing, and operations. The core team involves 20+ students and faculty at IIST (India), University of Colorado Boulder, and NCU(Taiwan).Unlike conventional satellite tracking and telemetry reception using stand-alone mission specific custom software/executable (which has virtually no value addition to amateur operators) we are planning to release a versatile software defined radio based modular signal processing scripts implemented in open source GNU radio package. This will tremendously benefit amateur radio operators in terms of system level understanding of real-time packet telemetry demodulation and decoding. To this effect, we shall release end-to-end documentation for installation and configuration of telemetry decoders. The packet definitions and telemetry decoding information will be publicly available as well. Proposing a UHF downlink using 9k6 GMSK with AX25 and an S Band downlink at 2 Mbps. Planning a launch from Sriharikotta to a 536 km circular polar orbit in July 2021. More info from https://www.iist.ac.in
Application Date: 25 Apr 2021   Freq coordination completed on

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