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Star of PHOSPHERUS-1/2 Updated: 11 Sep 2023   Responsible Operator Sen Lin C000001182.
Supporting Organisation Wuhan University China  
Contact Person Wangfang2017@whu.edu.cn.nospam  
Headline Details: Two 20 kg microsats 3600x2800x3000 mm. The payload of the PHOSPHERUS-1 satellite is a visible light camera and an infrared camera with hyperspectral and luminous imaging functions, and the payload of the PHOSPHERUS-2 satellite is one. Infrared camera and an optical polarization camera. Each satellite has an X-band communicator and an amateur communication payload. PHOSPHERUS-1/2 satellites are two remote sensing satellites developed by Wuhan University, which is not a source of commercial funds. Satellites control and remote sensing data reception will be undertaken by X-band TT&C station. In order to develop space science education and facilitate students from all over the country and all over the world to understand satellite operation and practice, the satellite plans to carry an space amateur frequency band communication payload.broadcast telemetry information fragments of the satellite and the image taken by the satellite through amateur payload. Global amateur operators who receive telemetry signals can learn about satellite environmental parameters in outer space, satellite attitude, satellite voltage and other engineering information, so as to understand some knowledge about the development of micro-satellites and stimulate student interest in learning satellite manufacturing courses.The satellite will also broadcast several pictures of the earth taken by the camera via UHF downlink. Proposing a 9k6 bps BPSK downlink using AX25 packets.No launch yet arranged but planning a 550km sun synchronous orbit.
Application Date: 27 Dec 2020   Freq coordination completed on

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