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TRISAT-R Updated: 09 Apr 2020   Responsible Operator Iztok Kramberger S56WIK
Supporting Organisation University of Maribor  
Contact Person iztok.kramberger@um.si.nospam  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat. TRISAT-R is a scientific and educational nanosatellite mission which primarily aims to investigate and map ionizing radiation in MEO orbits using several different instruments for scientific purposes and to demonstrate and test AI algorithms using high performance COTS components and error mitigation techniques in higher radiation environment. The project is supported and coordinated with ESA and the Slovenian Ministry of Economy. From educational outreach TRISAT-R satellite mission will promote the use of software defined radio, where a number of outreach activities are being planned that will involve schools, radio amateur societies and media during the first mission of a nanosatellite reaching the MEO orbits. During normal operating conditions the spacecraft will constantly gather measurements of ionizing radiation from the on-board instruments and store them in on- board memory including their mapping information based on information from GNSS receiver. The satellite will periodically transmit unsolicited telemetry data in UHF radio amateur band as well as respond to telecommand requests from the ground Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination Request — Page Rev. 39. 3 September 2018 4 segment in the VHF radio amateur band. The satellite’s CCSDS compatible full-duplex communication module will operate in VHF and UHF radio amateur bands. Extensive telemetry will be provided by the satellite’s on-board data handling as part of the beacon including many house-keeping parameters and satellite’s in-orbit location. The ground station in Maribor will be the primary station used for telecommand, and ground station in Delft as redundancy. Data collected by radio amateurs worldwide can be relayed to a central ground station in Maribor. In order to shorten development time and test and verification procedures, the structural design of TRISAT-R nanosatellite is based on the CubeSat form factor. The satellite’s callsign will be S55XRM. Proposing a 1kbps UHF downlink using GFSK with CCSDS compatible data.Planning a launch from Kourou into a 5867x5865 km 70 degree inclination orbit. More information at http://www.trisat.um.si/en/operations/ ** Coordination has been declined as the mission does not meet the definition of the amateur and amateur satellite service as set out in articles 1.56 and 1.57 of the ITU radio regulations.**
Application Date: 04 Dec 2019   Freq coordination completed on

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