IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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MT-Cube (Robusta-1C) Updated: 18 Feb 2021   Responsible Operator Jason Dhainaut F4HYG
Supporting Organisation Université de Montpellier  
Contact Person jason.dhainaut@umontpellier.fr.nospam  
Headline Details: The main mission objective of MTCube is to characterize the sensitivity of different types of memories with respect to the space radiation environment focusing on SEE. SEE shall be characterized (SEU, MCU, Latch-up) and mapped. Additionally, the radiation dose shall be monitored throughout the nominal mission lifetime. The second mission of the MT-Cube satellite is to demonstrate the good functionality of the upgraded ROBUSTA-1U platform. The third mission of the MT-Cube platform is to reemit in the broadcast “tweets” addressed to the ham radio community. Proposing a UHF downlink using 9k6 FSK with AX25. No launch information has been provided. No coordination could be provided as the request was not completed before the launch.
Application Date: 22 Oct 2018   Freq coordination completed on

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