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PAINANI-1 Updated: 09 Apr 2019   Responsible Operator Florencio Cruz Franco XE2CSF
Supporting Organisation Universidad del Ejército y Fuerza Aérea  
Contact Person xe2scf@outlook.com.nospam  
Headline Details: The project PAINANI has the aim of designing , constructing and launching two 3U Mexican Cubesats. As one of the deliverables of this project, CICESE, a research center in Mexico, in collaboration with other several academic institutions is developing the Painani-I Cubesat. This is an attempt to boost aerospace development within the academic environment. The main goal of this project is to obtain experience in this area. This initiative tries to impulse the development of bigger and more complex projects related to space technology in the future. This educational project will allow receiving the communication subsystem information to any member of the amateur radio community since the signal is not encrypted and it uses amateur frequencies. Therefore, any radio amateur member could contact us for any question or doubts about the interaction with this cubesat. Furthermore, We had established contact with other radio amateur members from Mexico interested in this initiative as one of the first amateur cubesat projects in the country. The mission of the PAINANI-I is to capture and send space images on demand using the 437.475 MHz frequency on the UHF band.The is proposing to use 9k6 GMSK with AX25. No launch has been defined. More info at http://dep.cicese.mx/csa/painani/
Application Date: 30 Sep 2018   Freq coordination completed on

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