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RioSat Updated: 11 May 2015   Responsible Operator Otto Koudelka OE6XUG
Supporting Organisation QB50 & Graz University of Technology,  
Contact Person koudelka@tugraz.at.nospam  
Headline Details: As part of the international QB50 space mission, the RIOSAT spacecraft flies a riometer (relative ionospheric opacity) experiment on a 2U CubeSat. The proposed space-borne riometer will significantly improve the accuracy of traditional measurements and allows the calibration of existing ground-based riometers for the first time. The CubeSat realised by this project also contributes to the overall QB50 mission goals (study of the lower thermosphere and investigation of re-entry dynamics). Planning a UHF 9k6 downlink GMSK using AX25**** This project has been cancelled**
Application Date: 28 Nov 2013   Freq coordination completed on

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