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Simba Updated: 25 Jan 2018   Responsible Operator Stefan Dombrowski ON6TI
Supporting Organisation Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium  
Contact Person on6ti@uba.be.nospam  
Headline Details: This project was part of the QB50 mission. The Sun-earth IMBAlance (SIMBA) satellite is a 3U satellite currently under construction with the participation of the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, the University of Leuven and ISIS-Innovative Solutions In Space. The mission has several goals: 1. The scientific payloads objectives are to study the feasibility to monitor with the same instrument both the incoming solar radiation and the earths outgoing radiation. To achieve this, the main payload sensor is an electrical substitution cavity radiometer designed for the absolute measurement of total radiation. The cavity radiometer is normally pointing towards the earth for a good sampling of the earths outgoing radiation and will be occasionally pointing towards deep space and the sun for calibration. 2. The ADCS system is a newly developed system, including a non mission critical startracker, that will have its maiden flight in the SIMBA satellite. Two mission goals related to that are 2.a. In orbit testing of the ADCS system 2.b. In orbit testing of the startracker subsystem. 3. Embed a FM transponder that will be accessible to the radio amateur community after the end of the nominal mission and at weekends. At these times the transponder will be activated during the eclipse period of the satellite. Proposing a V/U system with 9k6 BPSK using AX25 . Planning a launch to SSO in H1 2018. More info at ftp://gerb.oma.be/snevens/SIMBA-RMIB-SDR20161006Ed2.3.pdf ** This mission is now understood to be using non amateur satellite spectrum without any transponder capability**
Application Date: 10 Oct 2017   Freq coordination completed on

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