IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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Quest-1 Updated: 10 Oct 2016   Responsible Operator Werner Vavken WB6RAW
Supporting Organisation Quest Institute for Quality Education  
Contact Person wvavken@vcs.net.nospam  
Headline Details: This is a 1U CubeSat with passive attitude control. Planning to use two trasnceivers, one on 145MHz 27dBm and one on 437 MHz with 30dBm output. Both will transmit MCW< SSTV & 1200Bd AFSK packet. The mission is to: 1. Take photos of launch from ISS launcher 2. Take photos of earth 3. Send data & pre-loaded files to earth. Planning a deployment July 24th 2015. More info from Www.thequestinstitute.com And http://www.vcs.net/mathscience/satellite-project/quest-1/index.aspx **An original request was received in 2013 but full details have not been confirmed as at October 2016**
Application Date: 10 Apr 2013   Freq coordination completed on

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