IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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RAMPART (was POPACS-RR) Updated: 21 Nov 2012   Responsible Operator Jim White WD0E
Supporting Organisation Colorado Satellite Services LLC  
Contact Person jim@coloradosatellite.com  
Headline Details: An updated proposal for a 2U cubesat. Will use self-contained, warm gas, propulsion system to adjust satellite’s initial circular orbit of 500 km to eccentric orbit with apogee of 1200 km and perigee of 500 km at a 45 degree inclination. Demonstrate use of 3D printing (a.k.a. rapid prototyping) for manufacturing small satellites. Measure flux of energetic particles in lower Van Allen Belt. Test radiation-hardened electronic components and high performance solar cells in high radiation environment over a period of five years. Test radiation hardened components for a Plug and Play satellite. Proposing a UHF downlink of 9k6 GMSK AX25 packet. Planning a launch on a Minotaur from Vandenburgh in June 2013. **A downlink frequency of 437.325MHz has been coordinated** ** Project now discontinued**
Application Date: 03 Mar 2012   Freq coordination completed on 10 Mar 2012

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